Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Opening Workshared Models

When you are working on a project utilising Worksets, don’t use the Revit Start-up splash screen to access your user file or the recent file list in the Revit Application button. The user file should be re-created from the Central file at least every day. I personally recreate my User file every time I open the model.

Access your model by selecting ‘OPEN’ and then find the Central model on the server. This will create a new local file for you.

While it isn’t the end of the world if you access you user file from the start screen, it is just good work practice not to. The main reason is that User files contain extra pieces of information and over time this can increase your user file size which will slow your model down (on a large project this time can quickly add up!). Creating a fresh user file will bring your user file size back to the Central file size.

So when you are accessing your project please remember to go to the Central file location….

…..and remember, make sure the ‘Create New Local’ is ticked so that you aren’t working in the central model….

Friday, 25 July 2014

Missing Revit Links?

When you are using loaded Revit links sometimes they go missing. This can be due to a number of reasons. The first thing to check is to see if it is loaded into your model.

Here is a quick way of checking….(without having to run around View Templates, Visibility Graphics or Manage Links)

If you scroll down to the bottom your Project Browser, and expand out the Revit Links section. This will tell you if the links are currently loaded into the model.

If you see a Red Cross it means that the Revit links is unloaded or not found. Usually this is due to 2 reasons, the model needs to be reloaded or if you are using Worksets, the Workset it is on is closed.

Solution 1: If you right click the link you can reload the link. (If this dosen’t work go to Solution 2)

Solution 2: Select the Collaborate Ribbon and click the Worksets button and check to see if the Workset is open.

If the Red Cross dosen’t go away straight away, then a Synchronise with Central should fix that.

If you have a Blue Arrow (Link is loaded) and it still isn’t visible then it is hidden by some other way and the hunt begins!!!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Scheduling Fields Over 2 Lines

If you have a Schedule and would like to have some of the information in the fields spread over 2 lines.

You can force Revit to put information on another line, where you define the break. Go to the schedule view and pick where you would like the text to be broken and hit ‘Shift + Enter’.

If you need to edit the information that is spread over 2 lines, you will have to do that in the schedule view or by going to the properties of the element and editing the parameter by picking the field and using the right arrow button to get to the information on the second line.