Thursday, 16 March 2017

Parameter Type/Instance Switching

When you have multiple dimensional parameters in your Revit family, a quick way of switching between a ‘Type’ and ‘Instance’ parameter is to select the dimensioned parameter, and in the options bar you can select (tick or untick) the Instance Parameter option.

This will change it between a ‘Type’ and ‘Instance’ parameter without having to go into the ‘Family Types’ dialogue box.

Note: This only works on visible parameters (ones you can select). All the others you will still have to go to the ‘Family Types’ dialogue box. 

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Line Length

If you select a line in your model and look in the instance properties dialogue box you will see that it will display a ‘Length’ parameter value, giving you the length of the individual line. If you are lucky enough it will also display a temporary dimension showing the length.

If you would like to determine the total length of multiple lines joined together (Chain of lines), this can only be achieved with Model lines.

Under the Modify Ribbon select the ‘Measure Along an Element’ tool and then select the chain of lines. This will display the ‘Total Length’ in the Options Bar.

If you would like to determine the length of multiple Detail lines, simply select the chain of Detail lines and use the ‘Convert Lines’ tool in the ribbon above. This will convert the line work to Model lines, now you can utilise the ‘Measure Along and Element’ tool. Once the ‘Total Length’ has been determined, just convert them back to Detail lines using the same ‘Convert Lines’ tool.