Monday, 13 January 2014

Grids Propagate Extents

Continuing with the grid theme…….here is a potential big time saver…

When you have your grids set up the way you would typically like them to be shown in your views. There is a quick and easy way of applying the same layout to multiple views. This process is called Propagate Extents.

If you select the grids (either individually or you can select multiple) you will notice that there is a Propagate Extents tool in the ribbon above. 

If you select the Propagates Extents tool it will come up with a Propagate datum extents dialogue box that allows you to select the views you would like the Grid layout applied. Select views and hit ok and just like magic the Grid layout is applied to the views.

This process is especially handy when you have converted your grids to 2D, as it will save you going to all the different views and changing the grids to 2D and manually adjusting their extents.

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