Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hide Unreferenced Views

When you are preparing your views for documentation one thing that is inevitable is that you have plenty of unreferenced views visible. Visually they tend to clutter your views.

There are many ways to hide these unreferenced views. (Without having to consider the Hide in View Option!!!)

The default option is to tick the ‘Hide unreferenced view tags’ in the Print settings.

This option should be setup by default in the template file. It will hide all unreferenced views when you print the documentation.

Although this is a nice function, it still leaves the views messy while you are working on them. Personally I like to see my views visually the same as the final print output.

The other option is to use filters to hide all the unreferenced views.

There isn’t anything too tricky about this, just utilise the ‘Sheet Number’ Parameter that all views have.

You will firstly need to create a new filter.

  • Go to the View Ribbon and select the Filters tool.

  • Select the New Button

  • Create a new Filter called ‘Unreferenced Views’

  • From the Categories select Callouts, Elevations and Sections.
  • Then apply the Filter Rules. Filter by ‘Sheet Number’, does not contain, A. Our Architectural Prefix to Sheets.
  • This will search the view for any views that do not have a Sheet Number containing the letter ‘A’.

  • The last task you need to do is, open up the Views Template, or Visibility Graphics and apply a new filter, selecting the ‘Unreferenced Views’ from the list. 
  • Untick the Visibility box and it will hide all of the Unreferenced Views. 
  • Finished! 

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