Monday, 14 April 2014

Unlocking Wall Layers

Have you ever needed a wall to have the outer or inner skin extending past the base or top constraint?

The layers of the wall can be unlocked to allow for the base and top constraint to be adjusted.

If you select the wall and go to its Type Properties.

Then you will need to turn the preview on and select the edit structure button.

The View of the Preview then needs to be changed to a Section view.

You can zoom into you section wall preview, using the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Then select the modify button and select the bottom (or top) of the wall layer you would like to unlock, and unlock the padlock symbol.

Now you wall layer is unlocked and you can adjust it in a section view in your project.

You will notice that when you select the wall in section there are 2 grip arrows to select, alternatively you can adjust the Base Extension Distance parameter.

This process also works with the layers at top of the wall.

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