Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Grid Center Segments

Sorry for the long delay between posts....I have been totally snowed under....even sleep has had to take a back seat....

Grid display in your model views can sometimes be problematic, with the grid dominating the line work in the views.

There is an option to change the display of your grids, by removing the central segment of the grid line. This will give you the opportunity free the middle of your grid line for the model to show through. The standard is to have the full grids, it is just a display option for an occasion that the grids are to dominating in views.

If you select a Grid and go into its type properties, you will see many graphics options for the Grid representation. The Center Segment, will allow you to toggle between Continuous, None and Custom.

If you set it to None, it will remove the central portion of the grid line, you will then have to adjust the end segments to where you would like. Just remember this is a type parameter so it will apply to all the grids!!!

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