Monday, 25 August 2014

Applying View Templates

There are a couple of ways to utilise a View Template….

Setting up View Templates in your project is a great way of keeping views looking uniform and being able to adjust them all in one dialog box. (Everybody should be fairly familiar with this method of applying View Templates.)

It is as easy as clicking in the Properties of a View and selecting a view template parameter and applying a view template from the list. This will keep the view locked to the view template.

To create a view that utilises a view templates settings without being locked to a specific view template, you can right click on the view in your project browser and ‘Apply Template Properties’. This will apply a current snapshot of View Templates Properties without locking the view to any further View Template changes. This great for working views, where you don’t want them locked down. This can also be accessed from the View Ribbon View Templates.

If you want a View to Be locked to a View Template then apply a View Template in the View Properties.

If you want a View to utilise a View Templates settings but remain Independent then apply a View Templates Properties.

The Choice is yours!

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