Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Attaching Columns

In Revit you can attach elements like walls or columns to roofs or floors. This process allows you to profile the tops and bottoms of these elements without using the Edit Profile tool.

There is an anomaly to be aware of when attaching columns. Columns remain in their attached position once detached.

In the example below I have a wall and a column that both have the same Base Offset above Level 1. They have been attached to the floor using the ‘Attach Top/Base’ tool.

When I select each element and use the ‘Detach Top/Base’ tool and the ‘Detach All’ option, the column’s base will remain at the floor level, changing the Base Offset to 0. The wall will revert back to its original base offset above the floor level.

This process works the same if the column is attached to a roof. Columns will stay at the attached level once detached.

When attaching walls and columns, the walls are the elements that will change their profile at the top or bottom once attached. Columns will remain flat at the top or bottom, but move up or down to the element that they are attaching to.

Columns don’t have the ability to ‘Edit Profile”, you would have to use a void to profile the top or bottom of columns.

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