Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Active Workset

A simple tip that we are all guilty of from time to time!

When you are working in your workshared project, it is always very important to keep an eye on the Active Workset.

When you open your Revit Model the Active Workset can change without your knowing it. When a user changes the current Active Workset to work on his section of work, if he then Synchronizes with Central, their current Active Workset transfers into the Central file.

If they are the last user to Synchronise with the Central file, then the next time you open the Central file and re-create your Local file the Active Workset will change.

The result is, if you don’t notice, you could be putting elements on the wrong Workset……then you (or the Model Manager) need to go and change these elements back to the correct Workset!!!

So the moral of this little tale is to keep an eye on the Active Workset!!!


  1. Any guesses why the status (open=Yes or No) changes upon opening in the "specify" dialogue box? I can't figure out a rhyme or reason.


    1. I use specify when I specifically want to close (or open) some worksets prior to opening, this seems to work ok. I have noticed some unusual results when you select 'specify' and then don't highlight anything and just hit open, sometimes it will open as per normal, other times it will close all of the worksets??? Just some normal Revit quirks we have all grown to love!!!

  2. I've given up hoping that people will check their Worksets and model on the correct Workset, so often I create a Workset called "Unassigned", set that as active, and as users never check it remains the active Workset. Then I have a 3D view with only the "Unassigned" Workset showing and I can quickly select everything and use the dropdown from the Properties box to set Categories of objects to the right Worksets. It's not ideal, but it's better than picking the Structural elements out of the Interiors Workset!

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