Sunday, 12 June 2016

New Plan View Creation

When you need to create additional plan views of your Revit model, the temptation is to find a view that is similar and right-click on the view name in the project browser and Duplicate the view, either with detailing or without.

Whilst this method can give you exactly the result you are after, there may be parts of the model that have been overridden in the view which you may not know about, it is often better to start with a fresh plan view and apply the specific view template to give you the finished view.

To create a new plan view, go to the ‘View’ ribbon and select the ‘Plan Views’ tool. This will allow you to select the type of view you require.

The resulting dialogue box is usually blank when it appears which makes it a little difficult to create a new view. There is a tick box at the bottom ‘Do not duplicate existing views’, just untick it and you will be able to select the Levels available.

This will give you a fresh plan view which you can now apply the correct view template.

You can still use the right-click, duplicate view, this process just gives you another option.

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