Sunday, 22 January 2017

Linked Levels and Grids

When you have linked Revit models loaded into you project file, the positioning is usually controlled by the shared coordinates system which makes the Grids and Levels of the linked file kind of redundant. This doesn’t stop them showing up in all of your Plan, Elevation and Section views of the host file.

A way of globally turning the Grids and Levels off in the linked model is to go to the Manage Links Dialogue box.

Highlight the linked project and select the Manage Worksets button.

This will open up the Manage Worksets Dialogue box for the linked file.

You can close the Workset for ‘Shared Levels and Grids’ by selecting the Workset and selecting the Close button.

If you ever need to check the linked files Grids and Levels, the Workset can still be opened through Manage Links.

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