Monday, 1 September 2014

View Templates

Applying View Templates to views is a great way of keeping your model views looking uniform, but keeping track of your view Templates can sometimes be a bit of a task. Here are a couple of tips to help keep track of your view Templates.

To see what View Templates have been applied to Views. Just select the View Ribbon View Templates  Manage View Templates

This will bring up the View Templates Dialog Box. If you select a View Template, in the top right corner you will see how many views that this template has been assigned to. If you have a value of 0 you might consider deleting the View Template to keep the list length down.

Another way to keep track of your View Templates is to produce a schedule, that lists the Views in your project and the View Template currently assigned. Select the View Ribbon ►Schedules ►View List.

Create a Schedule and select the Available Fields of View Category, View Name and View Template (or others if you require).

If you the sort the Schedule by the View Category this will produce a schedule of all views and associated View Category. 

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