Sunday, 7 September 2014

Working Views

In your Revit model we create plenty of views of our model to convey our design. A lot of these views are locked down with view templates and view filters to keep them uniform for documentation purposes. This can make it more difficult to carry out normal day to day modelling changes.

An easy way to have a view free from any constraints is to have a working view, this is your messy view, where you can have detail lines, temporary sections, no visibility constraints. These views will never be placed on sheets, so they are free from normal view constraints.

Better still they can be contained in the own section in the project browser.

To set up these views…..
  • Just duplicate an existing view      
  • Rename the new view by prefixing it with a ‘w.’ (this keeps the View Name unique)
  • Then change the View Type to Working. (or create a New Type if it isn’t there)

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