Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Cut Profile

If you are creating detail views in your model and in specific areas you would like the profile of the element to change without having to manipulate the modelled element. You can use the Cut Profile tool to change the shape of elements that are cut in a view, such as roofs, floors, walls, and the layers of compound structures. The tool is available in plan, RCP, and section views. Changes made to the profile are view-specific; that is, the element's 3D geometry and its appearance in other views do not change.

This tool is used in one-off instances. If you find yourself manipulating the cut profile over and over again for the same object, then you should modify the modelled element. Otherwise you are fudging your model.

The Cut Profile tool is in the View Ribbon.

You can select an individual Face or the Boundary between faces (for elements adjacent one another).

Just select the boundary you would like to adjust and edit the sketch.

When you are drawing the sketch, there is a little blue arrow. Make sure that it is pointing towards the Object you want to show, or you won’t get your material fill pattern to fill the new cut profile.

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