Thursday, 3 November 2016

Check Ceiling Heights by Colour using Dynamo

I was asked by a Revit User today if there was a quick way of showing the different ceiling heights as a different colour. I initially thought that I could use a “Color Scheme” and try and define the height of the rooms as a different colour?

Before I could begin I found that Ceiling Plans do not support “Color Schemes”. 

I could have used filters but this would take time and every time a ceiling was added at a different height I would have to add or amend a filter.
This was a good opportunity to employ Dynamo to solve the problem. So creating some ceilings at different heights I was able to write a fairly simple script that looks for the “Height Offset From Level” Parameter. Then it applies a colour graphic override to the ceiling.

The good things about this graph are:

  • You can add or delete as many ceilings as you like, Revit will adjust the colour range accordingly (keeping the graph in Automatic will do this instantaneously)
  • You can change the colour range to different colours
  • You can use this to identify other ceiling parameters (just change the “Height Offset From Level" Node to another parameter)
  • This will also work in 3D views (any view a ceiling is visible really)

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