Thursday, 10 November 2016

Rotation Center Point Correction

When we need to use the rotation tool in our model, the location of the rotation center point is critical to ensure our rotation is going to give use the correct final result.

When you select an element, pick the Rotate Tool (RO), Revit by default places the rotation point in the center of the element or elements selected. Very rarely do we want it in this location and we have to move it before we execute the command.

We have 3 options to relocate this point.
  1. Click + drag the point in the view
  2. Place Button (Options Bar)
  3. Space Bar (press to position the center point)

Using the Place button or Space bar we just have to click where the center point ought to be. These options are very useful if the center point is not visible in the view.

Using Click + Drag we need to click on the center icon (left mouse button), + drag it to the correct location. 

One thing that is often overlooked is the Copy, in the Options Bar. This will allow you to copy the element and rotate in one command. (Holding down the CTRL key will also activate the Copy option).

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