Monday, 17 February 2014

Revit Apps you can't do without....

Here are a few of Revit Apps (Addins) that you can't do without.

Coins Auto-Section Box

Allows you to select and element or elements and create a 3D view with a section box surrounding.

GSA Detail Filter

Gives you extra levels of filtering.

Palladio X BIM WindowsLayout

Allows you to tile your windows quickly and save away favourite settings.

Boost your BIM File Version Checker

I use it primarily to stop the upgrade process if I accidentally open a file in a new version.

Mertens 3D Hatch 22

Creates custom Fill patterns. Can be a little tricky to install but worth it.

There are heaps more in the Autodesk Exchange Apps, but this is just a selection of my favorite free Apps.

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