Wednesday, 19 February 2014

View References

When creating views in Revit, there are times you would like to have the opportunity to create a Plan View Reference in an Elevation or Section View.  Traditionally this is not possible using the normal view creation tools like the Section or Callout tool.

In the example below we are looking at creating some window details in plan and section. This view is the finished product, but how did we get there?

The process involves creating a new Metric Generic Annotation.

Then we have to change the Family Category to a View Reference.

We can then draw our view Symbol and add a label for the Detail Number and Sheet Number. (I have also added a line for a left and right view, which are controlled by an On/Off parameter, this will allow the symbol to be placed either side of the Element)

Then we can load the annotation family into the project. 

We will then have to create a callout in a Floor Plan View, this will create a Plan Detail View for us to reference. (This callout can be filtered out of the Floor Plan later)

To apply the Plan View Reference to the Elevation view of our Window, we simply need to go to the View ribbon and select the View Reference Tool. This is traditionally used for creating sheet continuation references on Part Plans.

Then we need to select the view we would like to reference using the drop down lists. (This is similar to Reference other view)

(The View Reference is already set up in our Template file)

Now we can place our View Reference Symbol. In our Elevation View of our window to reference the Jamb Detail.

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