Monday, 26 January 2015

Applying View Visibility Graphics

It is a lot faster to apply changes to a views visibility in your Revit project if you close all views that show modelled elements. Especially if there are a lot of Linked files. This process can be achieved by utilising the Project Browser to alter a views visibility setting without it being open.

  •         Set the current view to the ‘Synchronise with Central’ view (or a Drafting View) and then close all hidden windows.
  •         Then select a view in the project browser and you will notice that the properties dialog box will change to the view selected.
  •         Now you can pick the Visibility/Graphics Overrides parameter and alter the view settings.

If you select multiple views you Properties dialog box is a little reduced in choices, but you do have the option to apply a standard view template to all selected views. This process will also be faster with no model views open.

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