Thursday, 22 January 2015

Splitting Multiple Columns

If you have modelled columns continuously from the base level to the top level of your model, they should really be split at each level. You can individually split the columns or you have the option to do them all at once. This method of splitting multiple columns is very useful if the columns haven’t been keynoted, dimensioned or tagged as you will lose the annotation associations.

  •    Select all of the columns and create a group.
  •    Go to the Project Browser and under the Group Model heading, find the Group you have just created 


  •         Right click on the group and save as an .rvt file.
  •         Go to the Insert ribbon, select Link Revit, find the Column Group file you have just created and link it in with Positioning set to Auto - Origin to Origin.
  •         Go to the Collaborate ribbon, select Copy/Monitor, pick Select Link

  •         Select the linked file (your inserted Columns)
  •         In the Ribbon, Select the Options tool. 

  •         Select the Columns Tab and check the Split Columns by Levels parameter.

  •         In the ribbon, select the Copy tool
  •         In the Options bar check the Multiple parameter.


  •           Select all of the columns in the linked model and then hit the Finish button in the Options bar (beside the Multiple box)
  •          In the Copy/Monitor Ribbon hit the Finish tool (Green Tick)

  •          Go into your model and select and delete the Column Group and the linked file. When you are deleting the link you will get a warning box, just hit the Remove Link button.


You now have all the columns in your model split at each level.

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