Sunday, 11 January 2015

Character Map Symbols

When you are adding annotations to your model, you may want to add some symbols like, diameter Ø, degrees ° or meters squared m².  There is a quick an easy way of creating these symbols but it resides outside of Revit. These symbols can be created by the Character Map tool in Windows.
  • Go to you Windows ‘Start’ Button. 
  • It is located in All Programs  Accessories  System Tools  Character Map
  • You can also type ‘Character Map’ in the Search programs and files tool at the bottom of the start menu.

     This will activate the Character Map tool.
  •         Just select the Font
  •         Pick the symbol
  •         Hit the select button
  •         Highlight it in the ‘Characters to Copy’ box
  •         Copy and paste it into your model annotation.

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